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Factory Specials

From time to time, we offer great deals on brand-new stock balloons and full systems. Check back often to catch the latest specials.

Current Specials:
Most Recently Updated 3/11/2009

2008 Custom Nine Designs 100k

Manufacturer's stock envelope completed in October of 2008.  100,000 cubic feet. Thirty minutes TT. Parachute top with 2:1 pulley assist. Double sided inlaid artwork for great glow effect. Single rotator vent & nomex skirt. Scoop available.

Envelope is STC'd to fly over most Raven/Aerostar, Balloon Works, Cameron or Lindstrand baskets. Standard warranty.

$14,000 - Envelope only.
$17,500 - Envelope & TBW 4.0 lower end in perfect condition.

Phone: 516-902-5541

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